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Males and Eating Disorders

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Eating disorders

Eating disorders are a group of conditions characterized by abnormal eating habits that can lead to serious health problems. The most common types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating...

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Males and Eating Disorders

The following report was compiled by: Tom Shiltz, MS CADCIII, Rogers Memorial Hospital, Oconomowoc, WI. Prevalence of Eating Disorders Among Males Approximately 10% of eating disordered individuals coming to the attention of mental health...


Bulimia Nervosa in Males

Bulimia nervosa is a severe, life-threatening disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of binge eating followed by self-induced vomiting or other purging methods (e.g., laxatives, diuretics, excessive exercise, fasting) to prevent weight gain. An individual...